Joe Bourne

My background comes from Underwater and Nature Photography. Whilst this may seem odd, I have found my best work to be a child of challenge and diversity, so being in an environment with perpetually changing conditions and subject that only graces you with its appearance for a fleeting moment is gloriously satisfying - and also develops one of my most valued skills; to get the best photograph possible every time.

I also have experience in more traditional applications and I am proud to say that I am a Phase One Certified Professional.

Here at Far Fire Creative, it gives me the exquisite opportunity to apply these skills into a variety of projects and opportunities.
Being able to apply my photographic knowledge and creative flair to my work is my passion and waking up to a fresh challenge every day gives me the drive to excel.


Jack Walsh

Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity to work in a vast array of design disciplines. Each time I moved from one department to another, my passion for design would grow. I would dive into the tasks with the energy and enthusiasm only true enjoyment can evoke.

I became competent in colour psychology, typography, print design, branding and many other styles. Still, with trends changing monthly and information so freely available, I take immense pleasure in researching and trying to predict the next design style to blanket the world.

Now, with the added capabilites of Joe, I can finally say we have found a synergy that can rival any and all others. We work hard and we always deliver what was promised.