Who are we?

Far Fire Creative was founded in 2016 by Joe Bourne and Jack Walsh, two creative individuals with a wealth of experience and talent between them. As field professionals* we know what will work for you individual projects and we also know what won't work; no two projects are the same after all!

With thousands of hours behind lenses, inside software, infront of clients we are fully equipped to deal with you requirements. Whether you need a top-notch branded website packed full of promotion and product photography, a full suite of uniquely designed advertising material or a picture of a monkey riding a dragon - We will do it for you.

*We don't actually profess to know anything about fields, mostly they have grass.

What we do?

At Far Fire Creative we offer a wide range of creative services provided from specialists in their fields, so you can rest assured you will always get professional results. Below is a brief summary of the services we offer, it is a non-exhaustive list, if you need something else get in touch and we'll touch you back quickly.

- Photography; From years of hands on and field experience we are proud to offer top quality photographic services in a range of outputs. From Wedding, to event or product photography - We even have you covered if you need underwater photography.
Need photography taken on the best camera system in the world? As a Phase One Certified Professional we'll get you that!

- Retouching; Photography is not all about image capture, Post-shoot editing can be almost as important as the taking the pictures. We offer retouching services to bring out the true potential of images or to give a group of images the same look. Let us take away the hassle of doing it yourself - we actually enjoy it!

- Design; We know there can be a lot of pressure when a campaign first starts to rear its ugly head and it can seem there are a number of questions that need to be answered. We take these questions away, entice them with promises of fame and fortune, and return them in a fully managed and ready to go project.

- Microsites;  Not everyone needs a website that can control the weather. Some of us are more than happy to have a small website thats cost-effective, shows your customers who you are, and allows you to take that leap into the digital world. We can, and will, make this happen. 

- Branding; They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, your brand is worth more. Its the first thing you prospective and current client base will see. Getting the right balance of shape, colour, and form could be the one thing standing in the way of that robot-butler in a tuxedo that you've always wanted. We can get you what you want.

Are we right for you?

You've heard all about us and hopefully you've looked through our portfolio and seen what we can do - so now the ultimate question remains; Do I trust these guys with my project?

We think the answer is yes! As Hamlet said to the Goose, There is no time like the present! Click the button below to enter our mind palace and get results.

We’ll put your money where our minds are...
... or something like that
— an actual quote from our design team


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