The art of turning real life object into 3d models



Using top end photography equipment and cutting edge software we are able to effectively create 3D models of any real life object. These models can be used as 3D assets in a variety of applications from VFX in media to Game design or even 3D printing!

This model elephant was something I picked up travelling a long time ago and is a great example of how a detailed real life model can be recreated into a 3D environment very quickly.
It was generated from just 90 images which generated a mesh of 1.2 Million triangles and 619 Thousand vertices - whilst it is possible to created something like this entirely from scratch in software (As it has been done for many years) it is a lot faster to use Photogrammetry to recreate detailed models.

You can check out our ever growing library of commercially available assets on our SketchFab profileā€¦