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Tubbataha National Park - Sulu Sea - Philippines. 

Tubbataha National Park - Sulu Sea - Philippines. 

Here we tell the story of adventure with striking imagery and concise documentation - To give a full account of a trip or destination covering everything from how to get there through to top attractions and must see areas, this is Photojournalism at its finest.

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Brothers and Elphinstone - Red Sea

The Red Sea, Egypt, has forever been known as a top destination for divers and holidaymakers alike - But as with any destination is has its good parts and bad parts. Here we have an account of a trip on the Brothers and Elphinstone itinerary with liveaboard giants - Blue O Two. 

Tubbataha and Puerto Galera

We go off the beaten track with this one, the journey out to Tubbataha can only be made three months out of the year due to adverse sea conditions the rest of the year. Here we find the sea worthy vessel and take the excursion out to the middle of the Sulu Sea.

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