It is the most important day of your life, Who do you entrust to capture the day?


We know that the pressure is on to have everything absolutely perfect for you and your partner on the big day!
At Far Fire Creative we are here to take the worry out of your mind, with regards to creating an everlasting memory just as vivid as the one you treasure in your mind of your ceremony.

The classic idea of a wedding photographer (Herding people into shot, forever getting in the way, being inches from the happy couple all day) is not what you will get with us. We work hard to make sure we are as discreet as possible, not only for the enjoyment of the day but we find it really gives a much more relaxed feel to the photographs produced and an entirely accurate representation of your wedding.

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About the day

You can rest assured that with us not a single moment of your wedding will go uncaptured, we will arrive as early as you require and stay as late as you desire.

We handle all the image processing and shot selection ourselves, which in turn gives you the utmost control over the end product that you receive.

Our specification is to shoot almost entirely with natural light, this produces a very organic feel to your wedding photography and ensures the end result looks as dazzling as it did on the day.

All for one flat fee.

What services do we offer?

Inline with our company ethos, we will take enquiries for any type of work - and are more than happy to!
But as a brief summary;

We are based in London, but absolutely relish the opportunity to work anywhere, anytime.